Scarce USN 3-inch 70 caliber steel case

Scarce case for short-lived Navy antiaircraft machine gun. The twin-barrelled 3-inch 70's were intended for "antiaircraft frigates" in the 1950's. The high rate of fire and complex design of the gun, and perhaps other factors made it unreliable and it was only in the fleet for a few years, and was only deployed on a few ships. The ballistics were impressive however. The neck of this case is a bit larger than 3 inches to allow for the oversized rotating band of the projectile, probably required by the catapault ramming system of the gun. The base marks are in perfect condition: "3 IN Mk 10 Mod 0 70 Cal. 1959 NIV Lot 8" or similar.
Scarce USN 3-inch 70 caliber steel case
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