40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX

Pair of 40mm L70 rounds, those on either side in the photo.  Center is older L60 round shown for comparison only.  Left round is target practice, right is tactical proximity-fuzed HE prefragmented anti-aircraft round.  The projectile has hundreds of tungsten pellets embedded in a rubber tube inside the steel body, and the tube and pellets are still there.  All components inert.  You get the two longer rounds when you buy this item.  These rounds were used in the US Army "Sergeant York" anti-aircraft tank of the 1980's.  The tank mounted two Bofors 40mm L70 machine guns and had an F-15 aircraft radar system.

40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX
  • Item #: 40/70 Pair TP-PPF
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