40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case

WWII round used by the famous Bofors guns, by both Army and Navy, against
ships or light armored vehicles.  The projectiles have a tracer cavity in the tail. 
The nose is a steel  windshield, and under that cap is the armor-piercing stuff. 
The cap has some corrosion which has been hidden under repaint, and some
may have tiny dabs of body putty added depending on what needed fixing.  The round pictured is an average one from this small lot.  There are some tiny lot number marks on the band, at least in the band we checked, not sure if they are on all of them.  These are scarce, historic rounds so don’t let them get away before you get one. 

40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case
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