30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3

Three different colored 4-piece sabots holding spherical
fragment simulator for testing ballistic armor samples in a lab. Since mine and
bomb fragments often achieve very high velocities, special means are needed to
launch simulated fragments against defensive armor samples to get accurate
results of armor performance. These special color-coded sabots will hold
various sizes and shapes of frag simulators in their cube-shaped interior
cavities. The 30mm case is used in the Mann barrel (smoothbore) since it has a
large powder volume and can kick the frag simulator out at muzzle velocities of
up to about 7500 f.p.s., depending on barrel length, powder type and amount,
etc. You get the three different rounds shown, incl three of the 3/4 in. dia
frag simulators, and three 30mm cases actually fired on our test range (note
burnthrough in neck area due to the hot load.)

30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3
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