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Next special live auction of our fine items will be on May 17th at Redding Auctions, Gettysburg, PA.  Hundreds of other militaria items, ammo, and guns will be up for auction then, the following list represents only our small contribution to this great auction offering!


See short video for a small sample of the merchandise: 





Here, in no particular order, are photos of the items listed below and more.  See Redding's site for photos of all items!


Group A:  http://tinyurl.com/ammomilitaria1

Group B:  http://tinyurl.com/ammomilitaria2

Group C:  http://tinyurl.com/ammomilitaria3


  1. 120mm Tank Gun Cartridge Stub Base

  2. 40mm WWII Bofors Navy L-60 HEI-P Round

  3. 75mm Gun Blank Cartridge  Case

  4. 75mm M-18 Brass Blank Cartridge Case

  5. 75mm M-5A1 Brass Pack Howitzer Cartridge Case

  6. Russian Artillery Scope

  7. Artillery Projectile PD Fuze M-524

  8. 81mm Mortar Illumination Round Time Fuze M-84

  9. Navy ProjectileTime Fuze MK-18

  10. Artillery Projectile Mechanical Time Fuze M-565

  11. WWII Artillery Concrete-Piercing Delay Fuze M-78

  12. Navy 5-inch Gun Projectile Infrared Proximity Fuze MK-90

  13. WWII Navy Proximity Fuze MK-45 Mod 11, ca. 1943

  14. Navy Gun Projectile Fuze 3” 50 Solid Steel

  15. Navy 3”/ 50cal. Mk 29 AP Type A Projectile

  16. Artillery Telescope

  17. Army Artillery Projectile Fuze, PD Type  M-557

  18. Army Artillery Projectile Fuze MT/PD type M-577

  19. 40mm Bofors US L-70 HEI-PD Round

  20. 40MM Bofors US L-70 TP Round

  21. Russian 57mm Case

  22. U.S. W.P. Grenade M-10

  23. Oerlikon 35mm x228 Fired Cartridge Case, Green Steel

  24. 76mm Tank Gun Cartridge Case, Steel

  25. 20 ea. Belted .50 Cal Machinegun Dummy Rounds

  26. 4 ea. 40mm Aluminum Baton Cartridge Cases, Long

  27. Unfinished AR-15 Upper Receiver

  28. Navy 3”/70 cal.  Mk-10 Steel Cartridge Case

  29. 90MM Army Cartridge Case, Laquered Steel

  30. 30mm x 173 Gau-8 TP Round, inert

  31. 40mm HE Grenade Round, inert

  32. 5” Navy Case cut down, with plug, correct for 5”/38 length

  33. 60mm Mortar Practice Mortar Round

  34. 60mm HE Mortar Round Shipping Tube

  35. L-70 US Brass Cartridge Case, Unfired

  36. M-1 Rifle/Carbine  Grenade Sight, New in Pouch, WWII

  37. Large AP Bomb Nose Point

  38. 4.2-inch Illuminating Projectile

  39. German Artillery Howitzer Panoramic Sight

  40. German WWII Artillery Optic

  41. German 15cm Cannon Bore Gauge in Orig Box

  42. Large Elbow Telescope New in Box,  British

  43. Navy Ordnance Telescope WWII?

  44. Greek Artillery Quadrant, NIB with literature

  45. 105 mm brass blank cartridge

  46. Artillery Round Cocktail Shaker WWI 2 pieces

  47. Lake City brass Bandoleer Marking  Stamp

  48. “Navy Hal” (and we have no idea what that means)

  49. 90mm Cannon Telescope New in Package

  50. Large Brit/Israeli Mortar Sight, Brass,  NIB

  51. US Mine Fuze Box, cardboard. marked

  52. US 20mm Aircraft Cannon Feeder, type unknown

  53. Unfinished Warhead, solid steel, unknown type

  54. Ordnance Production Line Assembly Jig for ???

  55. Smoke Grenade Discharger For Tank, quad barrel

  56. 5”/38 Caliber HE Projectile, Orig Paint

  57. 76mm Navy TP Projectile, demil cut

  58. 81mm Mortar Shell with Shaped Charge Hole

  59. Desert Camoflage Vest, NIP

  60. Armor Piercing Bomb Point

  61. Aircraft Navigation Computer, Aluminum

  62. Navy Bomb Shackle

  63. 30mm x 170 Brass Cartridge Case, Fired

  64. M16 Rifle Barrel, unfinished

  65. Bronze Star Medal set in box

  66. Bronze Star Medal  set in box

  67. Bronze Star Medal set in Box

  68. US Helmet Liner

  69. Empty Brass small arms cases, asst’d, small bag

  70. 23mm Russian Projectiles

  71. 40mm Projectile

  72. 40mm round

  73.  M 565 Mechanical Time Artillery Projectile Fuze

  74. M 78 Artillery Projectile Concrete-Piercing Fuze

  75. M 84 Mortar Illumination Fuze

  76. M 84 Mortar Illumination Fuze

  77. Projectile Plug

  78. 30mm Cartridge case

  79. 30mm Cartridge Case

  80. Rubber 40mm Grenade Round

  81. 60MM White Phosphorus Mortar Shell body

  82. 60mm White Phosphorus Mortar Shell body

  83. Projectile Plug

  84. 5.56mm Dummy rounds in clips

  85. Machine Gun Quadrant

  86. Machine Gun Quadrant

  87. 40mm WWii Bofors Projectile fuze Dim Ignition  Tracer

  88. 81mm Practice Mortar Shell with Whistle Holes

  89. 105mm Brass Blank cartridge

  90. Rifle Grenade, practice

  91. Wooden Artillery Projectile,  unknown

  92. 30mm x 126B Aircraft Round

  93. Finnish Shoe Mine, WWII, Wood

  94. Gears from Unknown Projectile Time Fuze

  95. Unknown Item

  96. 20mm Dummy linked Cartridges

  97. M34 WP Grenade Body

  98. 37mm Flare Cartridge Case

  99. 20mm Dummy Aircraft Cartridge

  100. 25mm Inert cartridge

  101. 30mm APDS Projectile, Sabot portion

  102. 37mm AP Projectile

  103. 20mm Cartridge DIY Kit

  104. 20mm Dummy Round

  105. 20mm HE-I  Inert Rounds, 5 each in links

  106. 25mm Dummy Round

  107. US 20mm x 139 Made in Germany Case/Link

  108. Aircraft Chaff  Launcher Cartridges-2

  109. Aircraft Chaff Launcher Cartridges-2

  110. Cartridge Case

  111. 20mm Dummy Round

  112. 20mm Dummy Round

  113. 20mm Dummy Round

  114. 30mm APDS projectile, sabot only

  115. 40mm WWII Bofors Cannon Barrel Section

  116. 3” navy MK 29 AP projectile nose

  117. 30mm Cartridge Case

  118. Dummy Rifle grenade

  119. Primitive Axe Head

  120. Experimental Ordnance Components

  121. Brass Traveler Tool for Making Cannon Wheels

  122. Aviation Flight Computer

  123. Mosin-Nagant Rifle Sling

  124. Projectile Shipping Plug, steel

  125. 30mm cartridge Case

  126. Artillery Projectile Fuze, M565 MT type

  127. Napalm Bomb Igniter

  128. M565 Artillery Projectile fuze, MT

  129. Web Gear, unknown

  130. Stainless Steel .357 revolver cylinder

  131. 16” Battleship Gun Powder Bag

  132. Projectile Plug

  133. Medal, Unknown

  134. Shape Charge Cone for anti-armor bomblet

  135. WWI Artillery Projectile Fuze

  136. 40mm L 70 Projectile, M811

  137. 30 x 113B Dummy round

  138. Projectile

  139. M577 Fuze Guts

  140. Flashbang Grenade Fuze

  141. 3 Projectile Plugs, Navy 3”/50

  142. 30 Item Grab Bag Asst’d ordnance items

  143. 30 Item Grab Bag Asst’d ordnance items

  144. 81mm Mortar Shell Fins

  145. 76mm Steel Cartridge Case

  146. Navy 3” Cartridge Case

  147. Cutaway Hedgehog Fuze

  148. WWII M45 Mod 11 VT  Fuze plus Deadly Fuze Video

  149. WWII M45 Mod 11 VT Fuze

  150. WWII M45 Mod 11 VT Fuze

  151. 37mm AP Projectile

  152. Demolition Fuze Igniter

  153. Ceramic Tround Bullets, Lg. no. in bag

  154. 2 Medals in Display Case

  155. Four Mark 4 Bofors Gun Clips

  156. 57mm AT Gun Telescope, good optics but maybe incomplete

  157. 76mm Army Hypervelocity TP-T  Tank Gun Projectile, bandless

  158. 90mm Projectile TPT

  159. 2 ea., 37mm Gas Grenade Rounds, Federal?

  160. Bubble Generator, laboratory, unk

  161. Smoke Grenade, inert

  162. Small, Old Propane Torch

  163. 30mm Projectile

  164. Aircraft Computer

  165. Artillery Graphical firing Table NIP

  166. Lens, large black unknown, good glass

  167. Bag of 50 Caliber Tracer Projectiles, inert

  168. Miscellaneous small brass Items

  169. Bag of 50 Caliber Tracer Projectiles, inert

  170. Miscellaneous Bag

  171. 57mm Recoilless Rifle Projectile

  172. Miscellaneous Ordnance Items bag  


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Minimum Order Policy: In order to keep labor costs down and thus keep our prices as low as possible, we have a $50.00 minimum order policy which is embedded in the store software.

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Return Policy: If your purchase does not match our catalog description, contact us via email within 3 days, stating discrepancies, for return authorization, and wait for return instructions. Please include contact phone number in your email. Then we will refund purchase price upon receipt of the item(s) in same condition as sent.

What we like: Any of the following preferably inert items which are legal for the average collector to own in the U.S.: Ordnance, Artillery, Artillery Ammo, Underwater Ordnance, Aviation Ordnance, Explosive Devices, Improvised Explosive Devices, Torpedos, Mines, Grenades, Rockets, Shipboard Ordnance, Field Artillery, Siege Artillery, Mountain Artillery, Artillery Projectiles, Shells, Cartridges, Machine Guns, Paramilitary Weapons, Nonlethal Weapons, Gas Guns, Firearms, Destructive Devices, Cannons, Pyrotechnics, Gun Propellants, Cartridge Primers, Cartridge Cases, Armored Vehicles, Tank Guns, Antiaircraft Guns, Field Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, Mortar Shell, Artillery Shell, Fire Control, Range Finders, Ordnance Equipment, Coast Artillery, Rapid Fire Guns, Assault Weapons, Chemical Weapons, Special Weapons, Nuclear Weapons, Biological Weapons, Chemical Corps, Army Artillery, Antitank Guns, and Naval Guns. Please make sure anything you want to offer us is "legal." We cooperate fully with Law Enforcement agencies regarding any "contraband" items. 



3 inch 50 caliber AP-T Mk 29 Type B 1942

3 inch 50 caliber AP-T Mk 29 Type B 1942

Original paint and good marks, which you very seldom see on WWII projectiles. The colors mean: Black: Armor piercing Yellow: High Explosive;Three red "T's" on the yellow band: Red Tracer. Shell made in many pieces, the 4 of which remain include...

30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3

30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3

Three different colored 4-piece sabots holding spherical fragment simulator for testing ballistic armor samples in a lab. Since mine and bomb fragments often achieve very high velocities, special means are needed to launch simulated fragments...

40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case

40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case

WWII round used by the famous Bofors guns, by both Army and Navy, against ships or light armored vehicles. The projectiles have a tracer cavity in the tail. The nose is a steel windshield, and under that cap is the armor-piercing stuff. The cap...

40MM L60 Bofors HE-T round, brass case WWII

40MM L60 Bofors HE-T round, brass case WWII

Nice clean round, 17 in. long, all original paint. Fuze and projectile have good impressed marks. Band on proj has small demil area size of dime or less, very little damage, not highly visible. The red/yellow fuze coloring means "Dim Ignition...

40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX

40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX

Pair of 40mm L70 rounds, those on either side in the photo. Center is older L60 round shown for comparison only. Left round is target practice, right is tactical proximity-fuzed HE prefragmented anti-aircraft round. The projectile has hundreds of...

5.56mm Ammo Belt, Dummy, 60 Rounds LC Army

5.56mm Ammo Belt, Dummy, 60 Rounds LC Army

Official Lake City Arsenal-loaded 5.56mm Army dummy rounds, Recent Army subdued dummy format, brass cases, steel disintegrating links, for SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon.) These Army dummies are so realistic that each one is filled with dummy powder...

Fragmenting Submunition for Artillery, 155mm

Fragmenting Submunition for Artillery, 155mm

Fragmenting Submunition for Artillery, 155mm Small grenade submunition, with electronically-scored prefragmented casing. These are stacked inside 155mm artillery projectiles and cover wide areas after being fired and released over the target by...

 If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask!  We have about 84 tons of stuff on our shelves and would just love to sell you some of it! Nancy Morris, President and Sales Manager.