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Very Important Info-Read This Now!!!  James D. Julia Auctioneers will be offering Session II in their March 16, 2015 Firearms Auction, the 2nd half of the extraordinary Springfield Arsenal LLC Collection of rare antique cannons.  You can bid by internet, phone, or leave a written bid if you can't attend the live auction in Fairfield, Maine.  Here's a short video preview of some of the pieces:  http://youtu.be/uktiOayJ_jo 

Here's the online illustrated catalog of our nearly 100 fine cannons, cannon models, and accouterments--scroll about 1/10 way down the page to item 2038 and start there:  http://jamesdjulia.com/auction/373-march-2015-firearms-auction-tradition-continues/?session=2

Please forward this to everyone you think may be interested, and put it on facebook, tweet it, etc, this is an historic, once-in-a-lifetime event!

Here's a listing of the 28 tons of cannons and other historical items to be offered:

List of Auction Items for March 16, 2015:

  1. Museum-grade large brass gun model, French, named "Counsulaire" after then huge weapon captured by the French in Algiers, still on display at Brest

  2. Weber brass breech-loading patent model cannon, ~7" long

  3. 1.5 inch experimental  Whitworth breech loading rifle cannon w/ copy exp. carriage, is J. Whitworth's very first breechloading, hex-bore cannon

  4. 10ga salute iron cannon w/ carriage, needs repair

  5. 15" Bronze stone Mortar Dutch, huge,Verbruggen mkd.

  6. 1786 French bronze swivel gun tube wrought iron vent, beautiful dark patina

  7. 1872 Bronze Inventor's model, N. Thompson Presentation Cannon, on handsome later carriage

  8. 1893 Krupp breechloader 65mm (#9)

  9. 18th century outstanding English swivel civilian bronze cannon, ex Bivens with stand

  10. 2  1/2 ga Strong Firearms Co. ship’s salute cannon on original naval carriage, New-Condition, and tools and two  original rare brass cartridge cases

  11. 2.5 inch Sims-Dudley Dynamite gun projectile, Span-Am,  only one known

  12. 3 Lantakas, Blunderbuss bore plus breechloader and big early one

  13. 4.5 George III, 1819 bronze Coehorn mortar on bed

  14. 8 cannon Locks. mostly flint-type, English, French, Russian

  15. 8 ga Strong salute gun on naval carriage, minty

  16. 8" Columbiad sea coast howitzer,  5 tons American history, on historic mount

  17. Ames model 1841 bronze six-pounder gun w/ original (mostly)carriage

  18. Ames U.S. 1865 American bronze Coehorn mortar, SN 208, mint cond

  19. Austrian 70mm bronze breechloading mountain gun 1893 on orig steel carriage

  20. Belgium Sea Coast gun 3 tons, 32 pounder, cast iron

  21. Brass model 24-pounder sea coast gun by Hoffman, Smithsonian model maker, on carriage, fully-articulated

  22. British 1831 Howitzer tube 4.5" (with nice repro naval carriage)

  23. Bronze eprouvette w/rare, original weighted copper shot, Spanish, Seville, 1828, mint cond with beautiful turquoise overall patina and royal crest

  24. Bronze French rare naval swivel howitzer w/iron tiller, 6-pounder

  25. Bronze swivel 1lb gunnade cut for flintlock

  26. Brown 3-GA. Ship’s salute cannon from JOSEPHINE, 93' yacht of banker Uzal . McCarter of NJ

  27. C. F. Brown working model of "Running" Iron cannon

  28. Carronade 24 lb (1800's) iron British Royal Navy, rare

  29. Costen steel lifesaving gun, steel, SN 2062

  30. Custom made iron salute cannon on carriage, highest quality, circa 1890

  31. Dahlgren 12 lb naval cannon on original carriage  (rare light model) 1858, Ft Fisher use, many-ship provenance (JUNIATA, VANDALIA, WYANDOTTE, PINTA)

  32. Dahlgren brass model on iron carriage

  33. Dutch 1764 swivel gun bronze, VOC

  34. Early Bailey & Pegg vintage 1840 merchants cannon, as fine as they are found, extensive markings

  35. English 1840's salute cannon w/carriage "Gill London"

  36. English 3lb bronze "LVIII" mountain gun

  37. English 3lb tube bronze, made in England for Haiti

  38. English brass howitzer model w/ later carriage

  39. Experimental  breech loading cannon model, falling block breech mech

  40. Experimental Potter Needle- fire cannon tube without breechblock

  41. Fancy swivel yacht gun English (maker-Thomas Pyke, Bridgewater, a clock maker)

  42. French 18th century mortar model

  43. French 3/4 lb swivel gun, very rare Model of 1756

  44. French Field gun 8lb, w/ metal stand, maker Le Courant of Rennes, wonderful cursive markings engraved on breech

  45. French model 1 pdr. bronze model of 1756, unique survivor

  46. French mountain howitzer Model-1828, dated 1843

  47. French tube 1 pounder model 1786 (well-marked) by Le Creusot of Rennes, one of only several known to survive of this founder's production

  48. German mortar model dated 1795

  49. Group of 5 commercial & custom American circa 1890 salute cannons, one dated 1898

  50. Hotchkiss 2lb mountain rifle, SN 60, original carriage, repro cartridge cases and projectiles

  51. Hubbell inventors model cannon

  52. Inventor's model, unique shape on burl stand

  53. Irish double brass 1848 model carriage chain-shot gun, ex-Bivens

  54. Iron & steel, only 6 pdr. Daniel Treadwell field gun in world

  55. Iron and brass breech loader, inventor's model, by Mann

  56. Iron Armstrong-type swivel gun

  57. Iron Line throwing cannon by Cordes of Bremerhaven, Germany, early

  58. Iron military training Mortar, fully functional

  59. Iron small merchant gun, PROVED and animal head cast trademark

  60. Iron swivel gun blunderbuss barrel on original post-head mounting

  61. J. & W. Tolley rifled steel tube, pentagonal bore, very unusual, perhaps unique

  62. John Dahlgren's original  9" shell gun model tube (his only one)

  63. Large Iron ship's Swivel gun, English

  64. Large model of 20" Rodman cannon w/carriage

  65. Large scale, exquisite French Napoleonic  limber model ca.

  66. Lg Iron /siege Mortar 8" Alger SN #19 on excellent repro carriage

  67. Lg Spanish bronze mortar, 1784, complete on bronze bed, from Morro Castle, Havana, ex-Morris family, "Malbone" mansion, Newport, RI

  68. Manby lifesaving mortar tube

  69. Model 1786 French 1lb bronze tube by Le Courant in Rennes, Fr., very well-marked.

  70. Model mortar of the dictator ca, 1864, believed cast at Ft. Pitt, only one known

  71. Model of Parrott cannon pivot carriage

  72. Original bronze yacht cannon with percussion lock & carriage made by Enoch Hidden, NYC, circa 1860

  73. Outstanding pair of Peter Seest small 1755-dated bronze swivel guns

  74. Pair late 19th cent cast iron toy seacoast guns on carriages, slight variants in details

  75. Pair of iron naval 1812 (U.S.N.??) swivel guns

  76. Pair of Iron 1840's Afghan 2 lb rifled, interesting COA's

  77. Pair of lighthouse fog cannon iron, circa 1820

  78. Pair of Rifled bronze Egyptian howitzer tubes on carriages with one Beaulieu-type shell

  79. Pair, large model English carronades

  80. Pr 1761 small Peter Seest model cannon tubes w/carriages

  81. Pr heavy German Eprouvette "powder testing mortars" white metal plated, 7” bores

  82. Pr American Moffatt 12lb and 3.4" rifle experimental  steel  breech loaders, 1870, near-new condition

  83. Pr Scottish bronze cadet guns, 6 pdr, by Featherston and Stoberry, Elder

  84. Presentation brass mortar model French

  85. Rare, excellent ca. 1790 "SNY" Bronze tube 6 lb attributed  to James Byers

  86. Russian howitzer barrel model, circa 1750

  87. Russian Howitzer bronze model,

  88. Small brass eprouvette, powder tester

  89. Small English swivel gun Iron

  90. Spectacular, museum-display 1830's English brass seacoast pivot model on large carriage

  91. Strange 5" bore line thrower

  92. Turkish mortar mkd w/Sultan's Tughra 1870

  93. U.S. 24 lb Iron Flank Howitzer spiked

  94. U.S. Navy breech loading rifled howitzer, 1870's carriage

  95. Verbruggen bronze swivel gun (ex Julias)

  96. Working large cast iron toy gas cannon, new condition

  97. WWI brass German Big Bertha shell casing 42 cm 1915, huge

  98. Large Grouping of three different pack saddles, tack, poles, ammo boxes, etc.  for Hotchkiss 2-pounder mountain gun

Here are some countries, rulers, makers', and inventors' names associated with various cannons being sold in this auction:

Whitworth, Hotchkiss, Strong, French, English, Russian, Spanish, Krupp, Skoda, Austrian, Dahlgren, Egyptian, British, Dutch, Verbruggen, Hidden, Seest, Lecourant, Bailey&Pegg, Manby, Hoffman, Rodman, Turkish, Ames, Ft. Pitt, Alger, Hubbell, Parrott, Thompson, Potter, Weber, Costen, Brown, Tolley, Sim-Dudley, Byers, Armstrong, Afghan, Treadwell, Pyke, Gilks, Seville, Douai, Hall, Dartford, Moffatt, George III, Ferdinand VII, Carlos III, U.S. Navy, Juniata, Fort Fisher, Mann, Rennes, Armstrong, King Abdur Rahman, Kabul.


Here are more videos about individual items in the auction! 

Entry No.         Cons No.                       Title                                                                           Link



       0.  Cannon Auction Preview-Short                  http://youtu.be/uktiOayJ_jo


  1. 54236-Firing the Spanish 10” Mortar        http://youtu.be/nVj-3Rzsu8M


  1. 54243-The Moffatt Experimental Breechloading Cannon    http://youtu.be/FACBPP677-c


  1. 54208-Whitworth’s Original Breechloading Cannon    http://youtu.be/tGRLeJqS_tg


  1. 54096-Last Truckload of Cannons…    http://youtu.be/9EfzhDGUJc4


  1. 54228-Civil War Mortars    http://youtu.be/E2l9NU2a-XY


  1. 54205-Shooting the Bronze Swivel Cannon     http://youtu.be/xsVaT694wI8


  1. 54096-Shooting the Hotchkiss Mountain Gun    http://youtu.be/Ov5O47iSsqo


  1. 54141-Shooting the Fog Signal Cannon     http://youtu.be/AWVBAA6IjVc


  1. 54133-Civil War Mortars in Action     http://youtu.be/DaA8xLvFl5Q


  1. 54224-French Heavy Swivel Gun M1756   http://youtu.be/zKTDwbNVDLs


  1. 54205-Swivel Gunade Cannon   http://youtu.be/7MiISY9Agmo


  1. 54198-Moving a French Cannon Barrel    http://youtu.be/vWiXCEipL78



  2. 54239-Firing the 7 cm Austrian Mountain Gun    http://youtu.be/7sIn-n5ZeSs


  1. 54219-Firing the 6-Pounder French Howitzer   http://youtu.be/INStOiPJNDQ


  1. 54247-Tanya Shoots the Mortar   http://youtu.be/GHZQIAsOtW8


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3 inch 50 caliber AP-T Mk 29 Type B 1942

3 inch 50 caliber AP-T Mk 29 Type B 1942

Original paint and good marks, which you very seldom see on WWII projectiles. The colors mean: Black: Armor piercing Yellow: High Explosive;Three red "T's" on the yellow band: Red Tracer. Shell made in many pieces, the 4 of which remain include...

30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3

30mm x 173 Anti-Armor Lab Test Rounds, set of 3

Three different colored 4-piece sabots holding spherical fragment simulator for testing ballistic armor samples in a lab. Since mine and bomb fragments often achieve very high velocities, special means are needed to launch simulated fragments...

40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case

40mm L60 AP-T Round, WWII, Brass Case

WWII round used by the famous Bofors guns, by both Army and Navy, against ships or light armored vehicles. The projectiles have a tracer cavity in the tail. The nose is a steel windshield, and under that cap is the armor-piercing stuff. The cap...

40MM L60 Bofors HE-T round, brass case WWII

40MM L60 Bofors HE-T round, brass case WWII

Nice clean round, 17 in. long, all original paint. Fuze and projectile have good impressed marks. Band on proj has small demil area size of dime or less, very little damage, not highly visible. The red/yellow fuze coloring means "Dim Ignition...

40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX

40mm L70, Pair of Rounds, TP and HE/PPX

Pair of 40mm L70 rounds, those on either side in the photo. Center is older L60 round shown for comparison only. Left round is target practice, right is tactical proximity-fuzed HE prefragmented anti-aircraft round. The projectile has hundreds of...

5.56mm Ammo Belt, Dummy, 60 Rounds LC Army

5.56mm Ammo Belt, Dummy, 60 Rounds LC Army

Official Lake City Arsenal-loaded 5.56mm Army dummy rounds, Recent Army subdued dummy format, brass cases, steel disintegrating links, for SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon.) These Army dummies are so realistic that each one is filled with dummy powder...

Fragmenting Submunition for Artillery, 155mm

Fragmenting Submunition for Artillery, 155mm

Fragmenting Submunition for Artillery, 155mm Small grenade submunition, with electronically-scored prefragmented casing. These are stacked inside 155mm artillery projectiles and cover wide areas after being fired and released over the target by...

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