40MM L60 Bofors HE-T round, brass case WWII

Nice clean round, 17 in. long, all original paint. Fuze and projectile have good impressed marks. Band on proj has small demil area size of dime or less, very little damage, not highly visible. The red/yellow fuze coloring means "Dim Ignition Tracer" used for firing at night so the gunners aren't blinded by a bright tracer lighting up near the muzzle.  The round is also "self-destruct" and the D.I. tracers do a "burn-thru" then "pop" which ignites the TNT in the shell, destroying it so it isn't a threat to friendly forces on which it could otherwise fall.  We usually ship proj and case separated as it fits in smaller box, and you simply seat the projectile inertally when you get it by holding it in case mouth and banging case base on hardwood backed by concrete floor. If you can't do that we'll do it for you for $5. extra handling chg. before we ship.

40MM L60 Bofors HE-T round, brass case WWII
  • Item #: 40L60 HE-BR
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